Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice fishing!!

Ahhh, Yep. A buddy of mine and myself decided to head out to the"Pacific Ocean" for a morning of fishing. It was slow at first but picked up after the first fish we caught was a 35 1/2 nothern. Good thing the second fish I caught was only
29 and 15/16th of an inch long. Can not take more than one over thirty inches!!! I had another 26 1/2 incher. My buddy Steve was spear fishing and had missed the first one that came through but was rewarded with a beautiful 34 incher.
We have been smoking our fish lately and was very glad that we caught a couple of nice fish to smoke. As I post this the second batch of fish has been in the smoker for 6 1/2 hrs and is almost ready to eat. Instead of putting the smoker outside I like to keep it in the garage while I'm smokin' meat so it really smells up the garage. I think if there was a deorderant that smelt like smoke I would invest in it. Can not wait till the weekend after Easter for our Lake of the woods trip. Being laid off in the winter is sure proving to be alot of fun.

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