Sunday, February 24, 2008

First Bottle

Well momma had to get out of the house because us kids were driving her crazy. So, we had a bottle of breast milk for us and we decided that Savannah should be the first one to feed her. She did a great job and even was able to get a couple of big burps
out. Actually Katie had some stuff to do at work. It is nice to get out by ones self even if it is for work and only for an hour or two. Now if only we could get Savannah to change diapers!!!!

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The Healing Stone said...

Feeding on a bottle looks pretty fun. Savannahh looks like a great big sissy (did I just call her a sissy?) -what I meant to say is that it sure is handy to have a big sister.
Hey maybe I should watch her sometime like 1 year before you deside to go to Vegas.
I love you and Katie and the Birds. -Becki