Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alexandra's Baptism

Alexandra was baptised Sunday May 11th. We had everyone head on down the hall at church after the baptism to enjoy pot luck lunch. Most everyone was able to make it over to our house afterwards (we just didn't have to feed them). It was a very enjoyable day. Alexandra was smiling so big at Pastor Chronis he said if she didn't stop smiling he wasn't going to be able to finish. She had stole his heart.

This is Katie, Jeremy, Godfather Tom (Katie's brother) and Godmother Joy (Jeremy's sister) with Alexandra.

This is Great Grandma Hazel, Grandpa Ron, Katie & Alexandra.

This is Grandma Lee, Katie & Alexandra.

This is Grandpa Jim, Jeremy & Alexandra.

This picture is actually from Easter but it is Jeremy, Grandma Ila, Great Grandma Dorothy & Alexandra.

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