Thursday, May 1, 2008


We have learned a lot this winter. A lot, that is, about what our daughter Savannah is able to do by herself . Back in mid-March Savannah wanted to wear "tie" shoes to school. We had gotten a letter back before Christmas break that Mrs. Olson would no longer be tying shoes for the kids after the new year. Jeremy told Savannah to pick a different pair of shoes, shoes she could put on herself without needing help tying. She promptly told Jeremy, "I can tie my shoes!" and she did! How caught up in being new parents all over again are we? We haven't been helping her learn how to tie her shoes, but her friend Ben helped her, Augghhh!
Later that same week Savannah wanted to swing outside (I thing Spring Fever had set in.) She was bound and determined to go swing even without our pushing her. She marched out to the swing and decided she could pump all by herself, she was so proud. Now that one we actually did practice with her last summer.

I told Jeremy our girl is growing up, I wouldn't be surprised if she jumped on her bike this summer and didn't need her training wheels. Well, now that we have had a couple of nice days I can happily report she isn't that grown up, yet. I'm sure that will be a thing of the past soon as well.

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