Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Year in Review (so far)

Well, Happy Holidays! Here is the 2008 review from the Kunshier Family (connected to our Christmas card). Maybe you already noticed there were 12 pictures (one for every month of the year)?

January: Alexandra Corrine Kunshier came into our life on January 28, 2008, what a blessing!

February: Savannah does love that sister of hers as proof positive in the photo.

March: Happy Easter Smiles!

April: Alexandra loves to smile & daddy loves to catch them on the camera.

May: Savannah is a curious girl. We were out on the patio and she decided to get real close to the fire pit, (by the was cold) so close in fact she had wire mesh marks on her forehead from the ash!

June: Jeremy & Savannah picking rocks on the shores of Lake Superior.

July: Our family hanging out 'Under a Shady Tree'.

August: Savannah turns 6. Sky shots of the girls!

September: Alexandra is chillin' in the pool. She kind of looks like she should have a glass in her hand. Savannah starts 1st Grade, WOW, how time flies!

October: We had a great time at Lendt's Pumpkin Patch. It's a great place (& free) to take fall pics of the kids. Pumpkins were only $3 each if you picked them yourself, any size! This year Savannah was Empress Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean & Alexandra was a sock monkey!

November: Braham really dresses up the town for fall. We took the girls on a stroll downtown and posed with some various scarecrows & straw bales, again FREE!

December: I found matching dresses for the girls, not an easy task when you have a 5.5 year age span! Merry Christmas to you all!

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