Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Say Cheese!

Savannah has been wanting to hold Alexandra more & more lately. I love to get pictures of them together. Alexandra has started to smile. She likes it when you wipe the corners of her mouth with the burp towel.

Jeremy & I sometimes wonder if Alexandra will squirm right out of Savannah's hands, but I'm pretty sure with this grip, she's not going anywhere.

We decided to buck the system this year and not go spend money on Easter outfits. I think it worked out pretty good! Savannah had this dress from last summer, we just added a pink t-shirt. Alexandra's outfit was a gift from Shawn, Greg & Pat at work, not bad for boys!

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The Healing Stone said...

I like the baby's smile and I think Savannah will be a good helper.
I hope they learn the secret to being each other's friend -the secret they can only tell each other.
P.S. Please advise Savannah not to feed her sister acorns EVEN IF she really wants them. -Becki