Monday, March 31, 2008

Lake Of The Woods Ice fishing trip

This was our Ice Fishing set-up at Lake of the Woods. The 4-wheeler on the right is mine. It is a Polaris 700. The 4-wheeler on the left is my brother-in-law Todds', it is a Suzuki 750 with his Ice house. The sled behind my 4-wheeler was another family members which we used to haul two of the five kids in our fishing group. There were 4 adults and five kids in our group. All related in one way or another. The island behind us in the picture is Garden Island on Lake Of The Woods. By GPS our spot here was 22.93 miles from our resort straight as an arrow. But, actual mileage was between 26-32 miles out on the lake from shore. We all had our own 4-wheelers and drove them out. We were up here from thursday March 27th to Sunday March 30 2008. We caught our limits of Walleye and had a great fish-fry out on the lake friday afternoon. Only one trip to the E.R was made when one of the kids in our group got a treble hook buried in the palm of his hand. Nobody else was "seriously" injured on our trip. This was my 3rd year going on this trip and I am already counting down the days to go again. The last few years I have gotten so much into ice fishing that I'd have to say I enjoy it more than summer fishing. Maybe I'll sell off all my summer equiptment and buy more ice fishing gear. Yea right!!

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