Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bathroom redo

Well, we finally painted our bathroom and hung our new fixture last weekend. We decided to go with a color called "Cooled Blue," however I think it looks a little more like green then blue. The accent color in the bathroom is black--wrought iron towel bars/hooks, black shower curtain (I still need to buy black rugs). I'm so very proud no one got electrocuted and it really adds something different to the bathroom. The fixture before was a lovely shade of cheap looking brass. I am so excited to have this project done! Well, it's done for the most part--we need to touch up the color by the ceiling and touch up the ceiling where Jeremy got a little crazy with the roller.


Anonymous said...

Love the new light fixture! And what a cute little helper! (I was talking about Savannah...) :)

The Healing Stone said...

I can't wait until I get to pee at your house.
The color (as my computer displays it) reminds me of the Braidsmaid dress I wore at Tom and Ann's wedding. Have you ever thought about adding bright pink accents? If you do I think I have enough fabric for a curtain or two... I am just kidding. It really reminds me of alot of people I love. Grandpa Helge's old Ford truck (you probably don't remember it), Grandma and Grandpa's House and the dress -I loveingly miss them all.