Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nemo on Ice

Grandma Ila & Grandpa Jim took us to "Nemo on Ice" on Saturday. I would have to say it was a BIG hit. Alexandra slept through it beautifully and when she did fuss here and there, the show was so loud you couldn't hear her anyways! I was warned by Melissa (who went to Thursday's show) of the $$$ trap they had going on. We had prepared Savannah that we weren't buying any treats there and we only bought this souvenir for her (It's a foam hat & program combo for $15). She lost her hat shortly after getting it and Daddy took his little girl back to the guy we bought it from to see if we could get another hat or not. Well, they are sold as a "combo" and HE couldn't do that, but--go talk to 'that guy'. Well, 'that guy' couldn't do it either, but go talk to some 'other guy'... While Jeremy was standing in line to talk to the 'other guy' with his sad eyed little girl 'that guy' tapped Jeremy on the shoulder and gave him a new hat! Together, Daddy and 'that guy' saved the day.

After "Nemo on Ice" we went to lunch at the Holy Land Bakery and Deli in Minneapolis. It was delicious and Savannah couldn't get enough of the pita bread, meat and cucumber sauce. After stealing mine (after I MADE her try it), Grandpa Jim had to go make her another one (which she ate in its entirety)!

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The Healing Stone said...

I love the Nemo hat and I kinda wanted to go myself. Thankfully Savannah let me where her hat, THANKS GIRL YOU ROCK!